Getting started#

Fork the repository into your user’s namespace on GitHub.

Node.js and Yarn are required for building and developing the client.

Clone the repository:

git clone
cd tensorboard-plugin-3d

Prepare the plugin:

npm install
npm install commitizen

In a virtualenv with TensorBoard installed, run:

python build_client develop

This will install and build the frontend and link the plugin into your virtualenv.

Changes to the client#

If you have made changes to the client you will need to re-run the setup python script and the build_client command to re-build the client and update the static file.

python build_client develop

In order to test the changes you’ve made run the following, pointing to the log directory you would like to use:

tensorboard --logdir ~/path/to/logdir

Open TensorBoard to see the tensorboard plugin 3D tab.

Add changed files and commit them with commitizen. Follow the prompts provided.

git add file1 file2
cz commit
git push

The pre-commit hooks will enforce the commitizen formatting.


Run the following:

python develop --uninstall

to unlink the plugin from your virtualenv, after which you can also delete the tensorboard_plugin_3d.egg-info/ directory that the original invocation created.